Code for Democracy's Graph tool makes it possible to explore the Code for Democracy knowledge graph in order to learn the data schema, visualize nodes and edges, and discover interesting networks.

Suggested Workflow

There's multiple ways to get started with the Graph tool, but here's the workflow we suggest:

  1. Start by using the sidebar in order to search for entities and add them to the graph. Each search will add additional elements to the graph, so you can combine multiple searches to build a more complex network.

  2. Next, use the "Expand Nodes" functionality by selecting node(s) of interest to add their first-order connections to the graph.

  3. Political committees can be explored using the "Trace Influence" functionality, which returns their inward or outward influence, or the "Find Connectors" functionality, which finds committees and contributions that connect two committees.

  4. If the graph gets too cluttered, you can run physics in order to clean up the layout, or use the "Smart Select" functionality to select sparsely connected nodes which can then be deleted with the "Delete Elements" functionality.

Viewport Manipulation

You can click and drag in order to pan the viewport. You can also scroll in order to zoom in and out. Press the SHIFT key and click or drag in order to select multiple elements at once.