The Code for Democracy Traverse tool is a graph-based search engine that helps you explore relationships between political entities.


This tool helps you build an investigation by chaining queries and results. There are 2 important concepts that underlie this process:

  1. Blocks - Search results are displayed in blocks. Each block has a separate title describing its contents. Blocks can be destroyed by clicking the "x" in the upper right hand corner.

  2. Branches - Each block is also the beginning of the a new branch. Branches include a block and all the subsequent blocks created through actions from the block. Branches are represented by a bar of dots, and you can toggle between branches by selecting the relevant dot in the bar.

Destroying a block will also delete all of its child branches.


Actions are the analytical recipes that can be applied to the matches in each block. These are the available actions:

  1. Find Associations - This action shows you the entities that your investigative target is connected to.

  2. Compute Intersection - This action show you the entities that your investigative target has in common with another investigative target of the same type.